Polishing Services

Each CNC part, whether metal or plastic, benefits from polishing by gaining added protection against wear and environmental elements. Our polishing services stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Beyond just polishing, we provide an array of surface finishing services tailored to enhance your CNC parts’ aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency.

Introduction to Polishing Surface Finish

polishing services

Polishing, an art as much as a science, plays a pivotal role in modern manufacturing. Beyond mere aesthetics, this meticulous process involves refining surfaces to achieve a smooth, mirror-like finish, enhancing functionality and visual appeal. Whether applied to metals, plastics, or other materials, polishing removes minute imperfections, reducing friction and wear.

As industries push for precision and durability, the demand for high-quality polishing continues to grow. Embracing this technique ensures product longevity and elevates the overall user experience, making polishing an indispensable step in producing superior-quality components.

Types of Polishing Process

Polishing is diverse, with techniques tailored to various materials, desired finishes, and specific applications. Understanding these methods is crucial for selecting the right approach for CNC parts.

Mechanical Polishing

Chemical Polishing


Brushing Finish Metal Parts

Brushing finishing suits various metal parts, including sheet metal, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. The process is often suitable for manufacturing aerospace, automotive, and medical components.

polished stainless steel part
polished part
turned part

Benefits of Polishing CNC Machined Parts

Enhanced Appearance

A polished CNC part showcases professionalism and attention to detail, elevating the brand image. Such parts instantly convey a sense of superior quality and craftsmanship to the end user.

Reduced Friction

A smooth, polished surface offers minimal resistance. This reduced friction is essential for components that slide, rotate, or move against each other, ensuring optimal performance and reducing wear over time.

Surface Protection

Polishing is a protective barrier, safeguarding parts against environmental aggressors like moisture and air. This protective finish can significantly reduce the chances of corrosion, especially in metals, ensuring the part remains in peak condition.

Increased Durability

By eliminating surface imperfections, even microscopic ones, polished parts experience less stress concentration. This reduces the risk of fatigue-related failures, extending the part's lifespan.

Our Polishing Process: Step-by-Step

We’ve honed a detailed, systematic approach to achieve a perfect CNC part finish consistently. Here’s an inside look into our rigorous polishing process:

Other surface finishes for CNC parts

anodizing parts

Anodizing is a process that can be suitable for CNC machined parts to enhance their performance, appearance and durability. It immerses the part in an electrolyte bath and applying an electric current which helps create a protective oxide film on its surface.

Black oxide parts

Black oxide is also referred to as blackening, and it adds a matte black finish to the metal, making the surface look darker in contrast to its original state. It makes the CNC parts appear more aesthetically pleasing while also protecting it from corrosion and rusting.

brushing parts

Brushing is a process that ensures the cleanliness and accuracy of a final product. This involves using wire brushes to remove metal burrs, shavings and any other contaminants from the surface of the part.

Bead blasting parts

Bead blasting is a finishing process that uses small, round particles to force abrasive material onto any given surface. This process can improve the surface of CNC parts by smoothing and rounding out rough edges, removing burrs and other surface imperfections.

Electroless nickel plating

Electroless nickel plating

Electroless nickel plating is an incredibly useful process for adding a protective layer of metal to a variety of surfaces. It involves immersing the object in an electroless nickel solution, which then deposits nickel onto the surface.

Powder coating

Powder coating uses a fine powder that is electrostatically charged and then sprayed onto the desired product. It finally forms an incredibly durable finish that can withstand harsh weather conditions, corrosion, chemicals and abrasion far better than traditional wet paint.

FAQs on Polishing Finishing

Polishing elevates CNC parts beyond their basic function. It enhances visual appeal, provides protective layers against environmental factors, and ensures smoother operations by reducing friction. In essence, it’s a marriage of aesthetics and functionality.

While all finishing methods enhance surface quality, polishing specifically aims for a smooth, mirror-like finish. In contrast, methods like sandblasting or anodizing focus on texture or protective coatings without necessarily achieving that glossy shine.

Proper polishing ensures minimal dimensional changes. However, aggressive or incorrect polishing might alter dimensions slightly. Always ensure the polishing provider understands and adheres to your specifications.

While all finishing methods enhance surface quality, polishing specifically aims for a smooth, mirror-like finish. In contrast, methods like sandblasting or anodizing focus on texture or protective coatings without necessarily achieving that glossy shine.

Chemical polishing uses acid-based solutions to smooth surfaces by dissolving material unevenly, targeting peaks more than troughs. It’s quick but can be less precise.

Electropolishing, in contrast, employs electric current in an electrolytic bath to remove a fine layer of material, achieving a controlled, mirror-like finish.

While both methods refine surfaces, electropolishing offers greater precision and is often favored for complex or high-spec applications.

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