quality control

As a CNC machined parts China manufacturer, we have strict quality control standards.

Strict quality control throughout the production process

Quality control is essential for any product, but it is especially critical when producing parts using CNC machining. At my company, we have strict quality control procedures that are implemented throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

inspection before production

Inspection Pre-production 

To ensure that the highest standards of quality are met, we are committed to a comprehensive technical assessment and material inspection process before producing CNC parts. This process begins with our technical team conducting an in-depth analysis of the part design and manufacturing requirements. 

And we will inspect the raw materials necessary for production for conformance to industry standards. We provide reports on material model numbers, dimensions, mechanical properties, chemical analysis, etc.

Inspection in production

We will inspect each part during the production process. It helps us maintain the highest level of quality for every part that leaves our facility. Every step is monitored for accuracy, from threading to cutting and drilling, so we can guarantee the best performance from each component. 

inspection in production
quality inspect

inspection after production 

Our team also uses various sophisticated techniques, such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), to measure key characteristics with extreme accuracy; these measurements are then compared against drawing tolerances.

In addition, we provide full-dimensional inspection reports, including the number of parts, key dimensions, threads and tolerances, thickness and depth, part appearance, etc.

Advanced Equipment We used

Every step of the way, from raw material selection to finished parts inspection, is monitored closely to ensure that all our products meet the highest quality standards. Depending on the application, this can include visual and dimensional inspections, hardness testing, and chemical composition analysis. These measures ensure our customers get exactly what they need in terms of performance and reliability without fail every time.

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