CNC Swiss Machining Services In China

As a machining company, our CNC Swiss machining services are highly sought-after in China. Our precision machining capabilities and long-standing experience have equipped us with the know-how and resources necessary to handle the most complex Swiss machining projects. We can take on any project with precision and speed, from simple parts to complete machining jobs. So whether you’re looking for machining services for your next project or just need some advice, contact us today!

CNC Swiss machining

Why Choose Our Precision CNC Swiss Machining Services?

Professional Team

We have a professional team of machinists who are experts in handling Swiss CNC machines. From small parts production to large-scale manufacturing processes, we have you covered.

Custom Complex Parts

We have a wide range of manufacturing equipment that can produce any size or complexity of part with precision and accuracy.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Quality work is our top priority, and we always strive to provide the best possible services at the most competitive prices. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services, no matter the circumstance.

Quick turnaround

With our reliable CNC Swiss machining services, you can be sure of quick turnaround times. We use state-of-the-art tools and machines to deliver quality results every time.

Our Precision CNC Swiss Machining Capabilities

Looking for precision CNC Swiss machining services in China? Look no further than our facility! We offer a wide range of services, from industrial parts machining to custom parts design & prototypes. Our team is experienced and uses the latest technologies and equipment to ensure high-quality results every time.

CNC Swiss machined parts

We uses precision tools and machines to machine small parts or assemblies with high accuracy. It’s essential to many manufacturing processes, from medical devices to aerospace engineering.

Our facility has a wide range of precision machining capabilities that can meet your specific needs. From precise milling to complex turning and drilling, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled machinists use the latest technology and equipment, so you can be sure your parts will be accurate and durable.

High Precision Machining

Our high precision machining services include micro tolerance Swiss machined parts; precision deep hole drill machined parts. Complex geometry and large diameter Swiss and non-Swiss screw machined parts, threaded machine parts, and slotted and crimped machined parts.

We produce high-precision components in a variety of sizes:
They range from ultra-small parts (0.010 “diameter) made of various materials to large parts (up to 1.50” diameter).
The tolerance of ±.0002 “is well within our capability.

Swiss machining china

CNC Screw Machining parts we custom

We offer a wide range of services that allow us to produce parts with precision and accuracy. Our machines are specifically designed to handle complex designs and shapes, so you can trust us to get the job done right.

Swiss parts
Swiss brass parts
CNC Swiss parts
CNC Swiss machined parts

Materials For Swiss CNC Machining

Swiss CNC machining is a precision machining process used for various industrial and precision applications. We provide a wide range of materials for this process, including aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.


Stainless Steel

Alloy Steel




Aluminum 6061


Alloy Steel 4130

Brass C360

Copper C101


Aluminum 6063


Alloy Steel 4140


Copper C110


Aluminum 7050


Alloy Steel 4340


Aluminum 7075



Aluminum 5052



Aluminum 2024








Our quality assurance

When it comes to producing high-quality components and parts, we are renowned for their precision workmanship. By adhering to strict standards and protocols, we can guarantee that each piece leaving its production line is up to par with specifications.

The process begins with developing strict quality control procedures for specific products and applications. These include inspection processes such as visual or dimensional checks, line gauges, part counts, etc. All these measures allow us to verify if certain dimensions are met and ensure that parts comply with stated tolerances.

We will also test materials before production to track defects or anomalies early on. We can also provide material inspection reports, performance reports,s and more.


Other machining services

We have a wide range of CNC machines that can be used for various types of milling operations, from cutting and grinding metals to drilling and tapping. We also provide other machining services such as turning, wire EDM, and Swiss machining.

CNC Swiss machining services FAQs

Swiss CNC machining is a machine that uses computer numerical control to create parts with precision and accuracy.

It offers multiple benefits, such as: improved accuracy, reduced processing time, minimized tooling costs, and versatility in part geometry.

A Swiss lathe is a specialized machining tool used for precision parts manufacturing. It rotates a workpiece against cutting tools to shape and size the material, creating small objects with intricate detail.

The Swiss screw machine offers a variety of advantages, such as higher speeds and accuracies compared to other machines, while enabling manufacturers to produce complex components in small batches or single pieces.

The Swiss CNC lathe features unique mechanical design elements that provide superior accuracy and speed. For example, the round bed allows for long cutting lengths without repositioning the workpiece.

At the same time, the guide bushing ensures the exact movement of the slide block when cutting intricate shapes into metal stock. Additionally, these machines are designed with an adjustable spindle speed for more control over production quality and turnaround times.

One of the primary advantages offered by Swiss machining is its cost-effectiveness. As a result of improved accuracy, fewer raw materials are wasted during the production process, and parts can be produced faster than with other methodologies.

It utilizes specialized tools to achieve tight tolerances and intricate details, allowing for the production of complex parts in a single operation.

In addition, the process requires less setup time than conventional machines, reducing manufacturing costs while increasing turnaround times for orders.

There are many common applications for CNC Swiss machined parts. Common CNC Swiss machined parts applications include aerospace, automotive, and medical equipment.

CNC Swiss machining produces high-precision miniature components with small diameters, fine details, and intricate contours.

These components are often used in the medical industry for creating orthopedic implants like artificial knee joints and hip replacements.

They can also be used in the electronics industry for making connectors, switches, terminal blocks, and PCBs.

Let's start your project for Swiss machining!

Swiss machining services are a great way to get your project done quickly and accurately. We have many CNC Swiss machines in China that specialize in machining different parts, from gears to shafts to bearings. Let us help you get started on your project today, and be sure to check our website for more information on our services.