Custom Fasteners Manufacturer In China

As a custom fasteners China manufacturer, we can CNC machine various custom specialty fasteners. We can custom manufacture any fastener, including screws, bolts, and nuts. We accept small-batch fast prototyping and mass production. Contact us today to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.

custom fasteners

Manufacturing Capabilities For Custom Fasteners

Here at CNCFIRST, we pride ourselves on our manufacturing capabilities for custom fasteners. No matter what your specific needs may be, we have the ability to create custom fasteners that will meet and exceed your expectations.

We have professional equipment, automatic thread rolling machine, cold heading machine, CNC lathe, nut tapping machine, and more.

In addition, quality control is an important part of the process to ensure that our finished product meets the highest standards.

With the advanced quality testing equipment, such as carbon and sulfur analyzer computer, PMI, and HB-billed durometer, we can ensure that the finished product meets the very high standard of our customers.

We manufacture parts with extremely strict tolerances, scalable production runs, and the shortest delivery times.

We also offer a variety of finishes, including black oxide, zinc plating, and anodizing.

In conclusion, we can machine a variety of custom fasteners to serve various industries, including the automotive, aerospace, military and defense, oil and gas, and construction sectors.

heat treatment

treatment capacity

We have strong and complete heat treatment lines to improve the strength and durability of your custom fasteners.

We provide annealing, hardening, or other thermal treatment services, and we have the experience and expertise to meet your needs. Our treatments can also help to prevent corrosion and wear, extending the life of your parts.

Customize the different types of fasteners

At CNCFIRST, we pride ourselves on being able to provide perfect fasteners. We can CNC machine a wide range of custom fasteners, including custom nuts, screws, bolts, washers, rivets, and more.

custom bolts

custom bolts

We can create a custom mold for your bolt if you have a specific design. This way, you can be sure that your bolts will be the exact size and shape you need. We also offer various finishes for our bolts, so you can choose the one that best meet your needs.

custom nuts

custom nuts

We can design and manufacture custom nuts to your specifications if you have a special fastener need. Our engineering team will work with you to determine the right size, threading, and material for your application.

custom screws

custom screws

We can make custom screws in various sizes and styles to meet your needs. And we can make custom screws from stainless steel, brass, or any other type of material you need. We can also create custom coatings for the screws to protect them from corrosion or wear.

custom rivets

custom rivets

Rivets provide a secure join between two materials. It is suitable for various applications, from boats and planes to furniture and jewelry. We can manufacture custom rivets to your specifications and provide CNC machining services for rivets.
custom flanges

We are a custom flanges manufacturer that can create custom flanges for your needs. We have various machines and tools to manufacture all shapes and sizes of flanges. Whether you need a small batch of bolts or a large order, we can accommodate your request.

custom pins

custom pins

We offer custom dowel pin sizes tailored to your specific specifications. Specifying diameter, length, structural materials, and other features, we will manufacture precise custom pins to your needs.

Common Materials For Custom Fasteners

As a leading China manufacturer of machining fasteners, we can provide different materials for your custom projects.

Stainless steel: SS201, SS301, SS303, SS304, SS316F, SS316, 420, etc.
Steel: Carbon steel, alloy steel, mild steel, 4140, 4340, Q235, Q345B, 20#, 45#, etc.
Aluminium: AL6061, AL6063, AL7075, AL5052, AL6082, etc.
Brass: Hpb59-1, H59, HPb63, HPb62, HPb61, H62, H68, H80, H90, etc.
Copper: C11000, C12000, C36000, etc.
Plastic: PVC, POM, NYLON, etc.


Why Choose Us Machining Custom Fasteners?

Professional Team

Our team of experts has CNC machining experience with different types of drives, heads, and threads that ensure your fasteners work perfectly.

high quality

CNCFIRST is committed to providing the most sophisticated and high-quality fasteners designed to meet or exceed your expectations. And we have the expertise to manufacture custom fasteners that will meet the highest quality and performance standards.

custom options

You can customize the following features to meet your desired purpose: Fastener size and size; Drive, head, and thread options; Materials and finishes; Critical tolerances specifications

Manufacturing capability

We can process many fasteners using advanced processing and high-quality raw materials. We also offer a variety of finishes and coatings to protect your fasteners from the elements and ensure a long lifespan.

quality control

Control The Quality Of Custom Fasteners

We have a few ways to control the quality of custom fasteners. First, we use only high-quality materials. And we will test the strength and hardness of the material. Second, all our fasteners must be made to tight tolerances. It ensures that they will fit together properly and not loosen over time.

Finally, all fasteners must be heat treated properly. It helps to ensure they will retain their strength and not break under stress. In addition, we can provide the material report, performance report, and quality test report. By following these guidelines, we can control the quality of custom fasteners and ensure that they meet the highest standards.

Custom Fasteners FAQs

As one of the essential components in myriad applications, fasteners are found in everything from automobiles to aerospace equipment.

Automotive: Fasteners are used throughout the automotive industry in vehicles, parts, and components. Every car or truck aspect contains fasteners, from body panels to engines.

Aerospace: Fasteners are also critical in the aerospace industry, where they are used in everything from commercial aircraft to missiles and spacecraft. The demanding nature of these applications requires fasteners that can meet stringent specifications for strength, durability, and performance.

Construction: In the construction industry, fasteners hold everything from buildings to bridges. A wide variety of fastener types are employed in this sector, depending on the specific application.

Furniture: Fasteners play an important role in the furniture industry, where they assemble everything from chairs and tables to beds and bookcases. Hidden fasteners give the furniture a clean, polished look while adding strength and stability.

These are just a few of the industries that make use of fasteners. As versatile and essential components, fasteners can also be found in many other applications.

We have machined many types of fasteners:

Machine screws
Hex nuts
Hex bolts
Solid rivets
Threaded Posts
Dowel pins
Guide Pins
Guide Sockets
Electrical Contacts
Miniature screws
Jack screws
Hex cap screws

There are many benefits to using custom fasteners.

Nobody can beat the precision of a custom-made fastener when it comes to bolting. It is because each one is designed specifically for the joint. It results in fewer leaks and better overall performance.

In addition, custom fasteners are often easier to install than standard off-the-shelf options. It is because they are made to fit specific applications.

As a result, there is less time spent on installation and more time spent enjoying the benefits of a well-built joint.

A few different types of finishes can be applied to custom fasteners. A few of the more common finishes include zinc plating, anodizing, and powder coating.

Zinc plating is a process where a thin layer of zinc is applied to the surface of the metal. It helps to protect the metal from corrosion and gives it a nice shiny finish.

Anodizing is another process that helps to protect metals from corrosion. In this process, an electrical current coats the metal with a thin oxide layer. This oxide layer helps prevent corrosion and gives the metal a unique color.

Powder coating is a process where a powdery paint is applied to the surface of the metal. This type of finish is great for giving the metal a durable finish resistant to scratches and other wear and tear.

We also offer black oxide and hot dip galvanizing.

Our machine shop will use a lathe or mill to cut the length, threads, shank, and head to the customer’s specifications.

The process of creating custom bolts is similar to that of other CNC machined parts – the shop will create a program for the CNC machine based on the drawing provided by the customer.

Once the program is created, the machine can produce the part with little human intervention.

There are a few main advantages of machining custom nuts instead of standard nuts.

First, custom nuts can be made to fit a specific application, which means they will be less likely to loosen over time.

Second, custom nuts can be made from high-strength materials resistant to corrosion and wear.

Finally, custom nuts can be made with special features, such as threads designed to interact with a certain type of fastener.

For precision custom screws, we use Swiss screw machining technology.

In the case of screws, the material is typically a metal such as steel, brass, or aluminum.

The first step in CNC machining is to create a computer model of the desired shape.

This model is then used to generate a toolpath, a set of instructions that tells the machine how to move the cutting tool through the material.

The toolpath is typically generated by CAM software, which considers the cutting tool’s properties and the machined material.

Once the toolpath is generated, it is uploaded to the CNC machine, which executes it and produces the desired shape.

Swiss CNC machining is an efficient way to produce precise screw shapes with little waste. It is also relatively fast, making it well-suited for high-volume production.

Custom washers are washers that are made to specifications. They can meet a certain size, thickness, or load capacity.

One of the most important features of custom washers is that they can be made to precise tolerances. It ensures that they will fit correctly and perform as intended.

Additionally, custom washers can be designed to meet specific performance requirements. For example, some custom washers are designed to withstand high temperatures or corrosive environments.

Others are designed to provide a tight seal or minimize vibration.

Custom washers can be used in many applications, from sealing pipes to reducing friction in mechanical components. As a result, they are an essential part of many industries. 

Many materials can be suitable for custom flanges, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze.

Each material has its benefits and drawbacks. So, you need to consider this before choosing the right one for your project.

Stainless steel is strong and durable, making it ideal for projects that require a high level of strength. However, it is also one of the more expensive materials.

Aluminum is a good choice for projects where weight is a factor, as it is much lighter than stainless steel. However, it is not as strong and may only be suitable for some applications.

Brass and bronze are two other options that offer a balance between strength and cost. These materials are often used in applications where aesthetics are important, as they have a nice golden color.

Dowel pins are cylindrical rods inserted into one or more blind holes to align and join components.

The most common use for dowel pins is to reinforce right angles, which can also join flat surfaces.

To ensure a snug fit, dowel pins are slightly smaller in diameter than blind holes.

Several features make dowel pins an effective joining solution:

-Dowel pins are inexpensive, so they are a cost-effective way to join components.

-They can be made from various materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. It makes them versatile and able to be used in various applications.

-Dowel pins are easy to install and remove, which makes them convenient for assembly and disassembly.

Looking For A Custom Fasteners China Manufacturer?

At our Company, we offer a wide range of fastener options to choose from. Whether you need custom bolts and screws or something more specialized, we can provide the perfect solution. We also offer custom coatings and finishes to customize your fasteners further. So if you’re looking for a China manufacturer for all your fastening needs, look no further than us.