Plastic CNC machining Services In China

Are you in need of plastics CNC machining services for your project? Look no further than CNCFIRST! Our experienced professionals can provide you with the best quality plastic parts. We specialize in custom CNC parts, ensuring that every part is designed with precision and craftsmanship. With our high standards, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the outcome of our work.

Types of plastics for CNC machining

Plastics are one of the most popular materials in CNC machining, as they can be easily molded into various shapes and sizes. We can CNC machine many types of plastics, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Acetal (Delrin) is one of the most popular plastics for CNC machining due to its high strength, rigidity, and resistance to abrasion. POM is also resistant to water absorption and has good electrical insulation properties.

We provide POM machining services.

Nylon is another common type of plastic used for CNC machined parts because it has excellent mechanical properties such as strength and flexibility.

It also has high impact resistance, which makes it well-suited for applications where higher shock loads are expected on the part.

We provide nylon machining service.

Acrylic is a popular material for CNC machining due to its strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. It is suitable for various applications, from prototyping to full production parts.

We provide acrylic machining service.

It is chemically resistant, resilient and exhibits excellent electrical insulation properties. Its strength and flexibility make it an ideal material for CNC machining.

The optimal cutting speed range allows the parts created via CNC machining to have a superior surface finish compared with injection molding.

We provide polyethylene machining service.

It is an incredibly versatile material, with features like high heat resistance and chemical stability, making it ideal for various applications.

Polypropylene has excellent dimensional stability qualities when machined correctly. We are proud to offer CNC machining services for polypropylene parts.

ABS is an ideal material for CNC machining because of its strength and ability to be shaped with precision. And ABS can be machined with various tools that are compatible with the material’s properties such as routers and end mills.

It makes it suitable for various applications including automotive components, medical equipment, electronics enclosures, and more.

We provide ABS machining service.

The high melting point, non-flammability, excellent dielectric strength, and chemical inertness of PTFE provide the necessary conditions for machinability.

Moreover, its low coefficient of friction makes PTFE an ideal choice for various types of engineering applications.

We provide PTFE machining service.

Peek is also resistant to temperature extremes, boasting a high thermal stability that can withstand temperatures up to 260°C (500°F). Additionally, this semi-crystalline polymer has excellent electrical insulation properties while maintaining its strength.

Because of these features, peek is well suited for the rigors of CNC machining. It can be easily cut into complex shapes and thin walls with little warping or distortion during fabrication.

We provide PEEK machining service.

Polycarbonate offers excellent impact strength, flexibility, high heat resistance, and optical clarity that make it the perfect material for various industrial applications.

Additionally, polycarbonate can be easily molded into any shape through CNC machining processes and offers great durability to handle rigorous and heavy-duty uses.

We provide polycarbonate machining service.

Machining Capabilities For Custom plastics Parts

Our advanced CNC machining capabilities have enabled us to create strong, durable parts and components for a variety of applications. Our team brings the highest quality precision and accuracy to each project, allowing us to produce parts that meet even the tightest tolerances.

machining plastic

With CAD/CAM machining, we can produce plastic parts with precision, accuracy, and high quality. Our milling machines are designed to cut plastics into the desired shape with ease, resulting in accurate and strong parts.

cnc turning

With the help of CNC turning machines, we can turn plastic parts with precision and accuracy. These machines are designed to provide high quality parts that are strong and durable. Additionally, they can be used to create intricate designs and ornaments for products.

injection molding

Plastic injection molding  create plastic parts by pressing a molten polymer material against a tool known as the die. Our team has years of experience in plastic injection molding, and we are confident that our skills can help you create products that are perfect for your needs.

plastic parts

surface finishing

Despite the fact that machined plastics are not as amenable to surface finishing procedures as machined metals, there are still several options for plastic parts.

Typically, these processes involve the application of a coating or sealant which will improve part performance and aesthetics.

The most commonly used surface finishes for machined plastics include chemical etching, anodizing, painting, and powder coating.

Why choose our custom CNC plastics machining services?

professional support

From complex custom designs to large-scale projects, our experienced engineers specialize in producing high-strength plastic parts and components with precision and efficiency.

inspection capability

We have advanced inspection and quality control equipment, such as CMM, ensuring that your finished products meet your exact specifications.

fast turnaround

We have the infrastructure and experience to quickly turnaround your parts for production. And our team is committed to providing prompt service and delivering parts on time as promised.

plastic CNC machining FAQs

Here are some of the key benefits of using plastic CNC machining:

– Reduced production time and costs: Plastic CNC machines allow businesses to quickly and easily create complex parts without spending hours slaving over a lathe or milling machine.

– Precise tolerances: CNC machines can achieve extremely tight tolerances with proper setup and use, resulting in more accurate parts.

– Greater flexibility and design freedom: With 3D CAD software, we can virtually unlimited range of possible designs for their products. This means less time reworking designs that don’t fit perfectly into an existing mold or template.

-With plastic CNC machining, you can create parts in various shapes and sizes, making them an ideal choice for products such as toys, medical devices, and automobiles.

Here are some of the most popular applications for plastic CNC machining:

– Vehicle parts: Plastic components make excellent replacements for metal components in vehicles, saving weight and improving overall durability.

– Home furnishings: Plastic furniture is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, with various designs and colors available.

– Aircraft parts: Plastic materials offer many advantages over metals in aircraft construction, including lighter weight and greater flexibility.

Plastic can be machined using a CNC machine, but it requires specific setup and care.

The machine must be aligned properly, the cutting tool must have the correct height to cut through the plastic material without distortion, and temperatures must be sufficiently low to avoid melting or burning the plastic.

If you’re interested in plastic CNC machining for your business, contact us today for more information.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best option for plastic parts may vary depending on the part and its specific needs.

However, 3D printing can often be a good choice for simple components or prototypes that don’t require precision or intricate details.

Meanwhile, CNC machining is more reliable and efficient when producing high-quality parts with precise dimensions.

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