5 axis CNC machining services In China

Our 5-axis CNC machining services will have your project completed quickly and efficiently. We produce high-quality parts while considering your specific needs and requirements.

From small parts to large assemblies, we can handle it all. Our precision machining services offer you the best possible machining capabilities and quality control so that you can trust us to deliver quality parts on time. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

5-axis milling

Why Choose Our Precision 5 Axis Machining Services?

Professional team

We are a team of experienced professionals with the knowledge and expertise needed to produce high-quality parts. We continuously update our skills to stay ahead of the latest machining technology, so you can trust that your finished product will be exceptional.

Custom capabilities

We understand that not every part is exactly alike. That's why we offer various customization options for our products. From material selection to machining specifications, we're dedicated to ensuring that your project remains unique.

Tight tolerance

Our ISO 9001 certification states that we manufacture 5-axis milling parts to meet the strictest tolerance requirements. Each step in our machining process is meticulously executed for maximum precision and accuracy.

Surface finishes

We understand that every part needs to look its best. That's why we offer a variety of surface finishes, from smooth and shiny to rough and textured. This way, you can ensure that your finished product looks exactly how you envisioned it.

5 axis machining

Our 5-axis Machining Capabilities

At CNCFIRST, we can machine just about anything you can think of. From small parts and prototypes to large, complex products – we’ve got you covered. Our five-axis machine shop allows us to produce parts with incredibly high tolerances and repeatability. This is critical for ensuring that your products meet your exact specifications.

From 3-axis machining to 5-axis machining, we can meet your every need. We also offer a wide range of services, including CNC programming, milling & turning, laser cutting/engraving, and more. So whether you’re looking for a simple part or something completely custom-made – we can help!

Custom 5 axis Parts in China

At CNCFIRST, we can provide you with the highest quality five-axis machined parts tailored to your specifications. We offer a wide variety of metals and plastics that can be used to make just about any type of part imaginable.

From aerospace components to medical implants, our team has the experience and expertise to produce components that meet the tightest tolerances required by industry standards. We also provide additional services such as surface finishing, heat treating, and anodizing for those who need them.

5 axis machined parts
5 axis machining parts
5 axis part
5 axis parts

Materials for 5-Axis Machining

5-axis machining is a process used to produce complex parts with intricate shapes and details. This sophisticated machining requires special materials that can withstand the precision technology used in 5-axis operations. The materials most commonly used for 5-axis machining are aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, Inconel, and brass.


Stainless Steel

Alloy Steel




Aluminum 6061


Alloy Steel 4130

Brass C360

Copper C101


Aluminum 6063


Alloy Steel 4140


Copper C110


Aluminum 7050


Alloy Steel 4340


Aluminum 7075



Aluminum 5052



Aluminum 2024








Surface finishes for machined parts

anodizing parts


Anodizing is a process that can be used on CNC machined parts to enhance their performance, appearance and durability. It immerses the part in an electrolyte bath and applying an electric current which helps create a protective oxide film on its surface.

Electroless nickel plating

Electroless nickel plating

Electroless nickel plating is an incredibly useful process for adding a protective layer of metal to a variety of surfaces. It involves immersing the object in an electroless nickel solution, which then deposits nickel onto the surface.

Black oxide parts

black oxide

Black oxide is also referred to as blackening, and it adds a matte black finish to the metal, making the surface look darker in contrast to its original state. It makes the CNC parts appear more aesthetically pleasing while also protecting it from corrosion and rusting.

Powder coating

Powder coating

Powder coating uses a fine powder that is electrostatically charged and then sprayed onto the desired product. It finally forms an incredibly durable finish that can withstand harsh weather conditions, corrosion, chemicals and abrasion far better than traditional wet paint.

Our quality assurance

At CNCFIRST, we take quality seriously. That’s why we offer 5-axis CNC machining services backed by ISO9001 certification.

Our CMM equipment helps us to test products for quality assurance. Furthermore, we offer a full-scale inspection report that is available upon request.

In addition, our material certification and test reports are always available for your reference. Strict NDA agreements are also in place with all our customers so that you can be sure of the quality of our workmanship.

Finally, to ensure customer satisfaction, we conduct batch inspections in compliance with ISO2859. So, we are a perfect choice whether you’re looking for precision machining services or just need a quality assurance check!

quality inspection

Other machining services

We have everything you need if you’re looking for precision machining services! In addition to 5 axis CNC machining, we offer CNC turning, EDM, and Swiss machining services.

5 axis machining services FAQs

5 axis machining is a process of machining parts or assemblies with 5 axes by using 5-axis machining centers. It offers precision in cutting and milling operations with minimal distortion or warping.

The technology can help reduce manufacturing time by up to 50%. 5-axis milling has many advantages, such as high precision, high speed, low cross-reference error, low cycle time, high workpiece load/unload ratio, high machine tool life, etc.

If you need to machine complex parts quickly and accurately, 5 axis machining is the perfect solution.

5 axis machining technology uses a sophisticated 5-axis system consisting of three linear axes and two rotary axes to cut parts from raw materials.

This advanced machinery can accurately produce components with intricate geometries and features that would otherwise be impossible to create using traditional methods.

This type of CNC machining works by guiding a cutting tool around the piece along five different axes simultaneously, allowing it to reach points in space that are otherwise out of reach.

In addition, this technology enables 3D curves, surfaces, and shapes to be produced with absolute precision – which cannot be achieved through manual operations or conventional machines.

There are many advantages of 5 axis machining when compared to other machining techniques.

Some of the key benefits include accuracy and repeatability, which leads to improved output quality; rapid part production; and complex parts that can be machined with high precision.

5 axis machining is also beneficial for production lines as it can handle complex parts with high precision.

5-Axis machining can be used in many different industries and applications, such as automotive, medical, aerospace, appliance, and furniture manufacturing.

By taking advantage of 5-Axis machining services in China, you can save on costs and deliver your components on schedule.

Parts made through five-axis CNC machining can range from simple items such as gears or screws to more complex objects such as turbine blades and medical implants.

Aerospace components, including wings, landing gear assemblies, propellers, and fuselage, are all routinely produced using five-axis CNC machines.

Automotive components like intake manifolds, engine blocks, and drive shafts also benefit from the precision offered by this technology.

5-Axis machining is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, as it offers numerous advantages over traditional 3- Axis machining. Here are a few of the most important reasons why 5-Axis machining is powerful:

1. Rapid turnaround time: With 5-Axis milling, you can produce high-quality parts faster than traditional methods. This is because the machine can move around on all five axes at once, eliminating the need for multiple steps in the manufacturing process (such as grinding and cutting).

2. Higher accuracy and precision: Thanks to its precise movements, 5-Axis milling ensures that your parts are extremely accurate and precisely shaped. Furthermore, this method allows you to work with large pieces without worrying about slipping or warping due to vibration or movement during processing.

3. Flexibility & versatility: Since 5-axis milling can be used for various applications (including metalworking, engineering plastics & composites fabrication), it has increased flexibility compared to other machines. This makes it ideal for various industries and projects alike!

4. Enhanced safety standards: Due to their superior accuracy and stability, 5-axis milling machines meet stringent safety requirements in many industrial settings today.

Looking for A China Manufacturer of 5 axis CNC parts?

Looking for a 5 axis precision parts manufacturer in China? Look no further than our team! We have a wide range of services available, so you can find the perfect one for your specific needs. From precision machining to complex sheet metal fabrication, we have you covered.

In addition, our quality assurance process ensures that each part is machined to the highest standards possible. If you’re looking for high-quality machining services, contact us today.