Aerospace CNC Machining Services In China

Aerospace CNC machining services from our team of experienced engineers enables you to manufacture high-quality parts quickly and efficiently. Our precision machining services are ideal for producing high precision parts, such as air intakes, engine nozzles, and other components that require extreme accuracy. We also offer custom fabrication services that can help you create unique designs. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our aerospace parts cnc machining services!

aerospace machining parts

Why choose our aerospace CNC machining services?

Professional Support

Our team of experienced and qualified machinists can provide high-quality parts that meet your exact specifications.

tight tolerance

Our experienced machinists are well-equipped to handle even the most difficult tolerances. We can process aerospace parts with tolerances up to + / -0.001 inches.

rapid manufacturing

Thanks to our advanced CNC machining capabilities, we can help you achieve rapid manufacturing speeds for your aerospace components.

CNC Machining Capabilities For Custom aerospace Parts

CNC machining is the perfect solution because aerospace parts demand precision dimensions and very tight tolerances. We have strong CNC machining capabilities for aerospace parts, so we are a great place to machine these parts. Our machining services are affordable and reliable, making them the perfect solution for your project needs. And we can help you machine your aerospace parts to the highest tolerances and achieve the best possible surface finishes.

Swiss machining

Swiss CNC machining

We provide precision Swiss CNC machining services to rapidly produce critical aerospace precision components with exceptional accuracy.

Our highly experienced engineers use the latest technology and software to create components that meet the highest quality standards. We are proud to be able to offer a fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution for our customers’ needs.

CNC Milling (3-, 4- and 5-Axis)

CNC milling is a process that uses computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines to create precision parts from metal, plastic, or other materials.

We have long used CNC milling and 5-axis to produce parts for planes and spacecraft for aerospace companies, as the process allows for accurate and consistent manufacturing.

5-axis milling
cnc turning

CNC Turning

We also provide CNC turning services. It is a highly precise machining process for various applications, such as manufacturing aerospace parts.

With the latest CNC control systems and intelligent tools, we can produce accurate and reproducible parts for large and small production operations.

CMM inspection For aerospace parts

Our CMM machines measure parts using a variety of probes, sensors, and precision instruments that detect even the smallest imperfections down to micron levels of accuracy. The data gathered by the CMM can then be used to assess whether or not the parts meet the required standards.

By creating detailed reports with this information, we can quickly identify areas where parts may need additional work or rework before they move on through the manufacturing process.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Materials for Aerospace Machined Parts

Aerospace machining is a critical process that helps to create high-quality parts for aircraft and aerospace equipment. Regarding materials, aerospace machining often requires high-strength metals like aluminum and titanium. These metals need to be machined using specialized processes to meet specific requirements. This means that parts made from aerospace machining are often very robust and durable.

Applications of CNC machined Aerospace parts

Thanks to the efficient machining capabilities of CNC machining, aerospace parts can be produced quickly and with great precision. Many types of aerospace parts can be machined using CNC technology, including brackets, rivets, screws, and nuts.
aerospace parts

Here are the common applications of aviation parts:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Jet engines
  • Turbo pumps
  • Housing
  • Brackets
  • Rapid tooling, brackets, chassis, and jigs
  • Custom fixturing
  • Conformal cooling channels
  • Fit check gauges
  • Fuel nozzles
  • Gas and liquid flow components

Surface Finishes For Aerospace Parts

Aerospace parts are often required to have a tough and durable finish. This means that the surface finish on the part is of the utmost importance. Our team of experienced machinists can provide a variety of surface finishes for aerospace parts, including anodizing, powder coating, electroplating, and polishing. We also have a wide range of machining services that can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of your aerospace part.

as machined

as machined

The as machined is the standard surface finish for our parts. It removes sharp edges and clean removes burrs from the parts. The surface roughness of the machined part is 3.2 μ m (126 μ in).

anodizing parts


Anodizing is a process that can be used on CNC machined parts to enhance their performance, appearance and durability. It immerses the part in an electrolyte bath and applying an electric current which helps create a protective oxide film on its surface.

Black oxide parts

black oxide

Black oxide is also referred to as blackening, and it adds a matte black finish to the metal, making the surface look darker in contrast to its original state. It makes the CNC parts appear more aesthetically pleasing while also protecting it from corrosion and rusting.

polishing parts


The goal of polishing is to enhance the natural beauty of the material so that it looks better than when it was first created.

aerospace CNC Machining FAQs

Aerospace CNC machining is cutting, shaping, and welding parts used in the aerospace and aviation industries.

These parts are typically made from high-strength metals like aluminum, titanium, or stainless steel and require precision machining for accurate and quick production.

Our services can produce complex shapes quickly and accurately.

5-axis machining is a highly advanced technology that allows the fabrication of complex parts with near-perfect accuracy and repeatability.

In addition, it helps to reduce the time and cost associated with manufacturing aerospace components.

Some key benefits of 5-axis machining include reduced tooling costs, enhanced part quality, increased production speeds, and minimized scrap rates.

Tight tolerances in aerospace machining are a critical component of aircraft and spacecraft construction. A strict tolerance of ± 0.001mm is acceptable for aerospace parts.

Tolerance levels vary in types of components but typically involve maintaining incredibly close measurements with very little room for error.

Aerospace machining must be precise to a thousandth or even a hundredth of an inch to ensure that the finished product meets industry standards.

Stringent quality testing is often performed throughout production processes to verify that all parts have met the required specifications before being approved for installation in aircraft or spacecraft.

Meeting these tight tolerances requires using advanced technologies and highly-skilled workers to produce accurate parts that can withstand the stresses generated by extreme temperatures, pressures, and vibrations.

Looking for a China manufacturer of Aerospace parts?

If you’re in search of a reliable China manufacturer for custom aerospace parts, look no further than us. Our company provides high-quality products and exceptional customer service to clients around the world.

We specialize in producing custom aerospace parts that meet the unique specifications and requirements of our clients, including those in the aerospace industry.

Our engineers work closely with clients to ensure that every part we manufacture is of the highest quality and meets all necessary safety standards. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help meet your aerospace CNC machining needs.