4140 Steel CNC Machining In China

We provide exceptional 4140 steel CNC machining services in China. We can customize 4140 alloy steel machined parts to meet customers’ specific needs. Our 4140 steel machining service is ideal for various industries, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, defense, and medical equipment.

CNC machining capabilities For Steel 4140 parts

Our CNC machining capabilities for 4140 steel parts are extensive, providing the precision and efficiency necessary for producing high-quality components.

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We utilize CNC milling and turning processes to manufacture complex geometries with outstanding accuracy and consistency. Our team relies on advanced equipment and software to ensure every detail meets your specifications.

Additionally, we offer a range of surface finishing options, such as polishing and powder coating, to enhance the appearance and durability of your 4140 steel parts.

With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver the CNC machining services you need to achieve exceptional results.

Precision 4140 alloy steel parts in China

Precision 4140 alloy steel machined parts offer high durability and strength, making them sought-after components for various applications. Some of the most common precision 4140 alloy steel machined parts include gears, shafts, spindles, and bolts, which require exceptional precision and strength to function effectively.

Our precision machining services for 4140 alloy steel parts include various processes, such as Swiss machining, CNC turning, milling, grinding, and drilling, tailored to your specific requirements. With our extensive experience, we can produce alloy steel machined parts of exceptional quality and performance.

4140 steel parts
4140 steel machined parts
4140 alloy steel parts

Why choose our 4140 alloy steel machining service in China?

years of experience

We are rich experience in machining aluminum alloy parts, stainless steel parts, carbon steel parts, titanium parts, brass parts, carbon fiber parts, POM parts, PEEK parts, ABS parts, etc.

Timely delivery

We have a fast turnaround time to ensure the timely delivery of your components, and we communicate with you regularly to keep you updated.

Customization options

Our 4140 steel machining service is tailored to meet your exact specifications and requirements, with customization options available for surface finishing, tolerances, and more.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our services, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment.

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4140 steel machining FAQs

Yes, 4140 steel is excellent for machining due to its superb machinability.

It can be machined using various tooling and machining processes, including drilling, milling, turning, and grinding.

Additionally, 4140 steel has good weldability, which allows for easy and efficient fabrication of complex steel structures.

Its strong mechanical properties and machinability make 4140 steel versatile and desirable for various applications.

4140 steel machined parts have various applications across various industries requiring high strength, durability, and machinability. Some common applications of 4140 steel machined parts include:

Aerospace Industry: Parts used in the aerospace industry require high strength and durability due to the extreme conditions they are subjected to. 4140 steel machined parts manufacture landing gears, aircraft engines, and structural components.

Automotive Industry: The automotive industry requires parts that can withstand high stress and strain and resist wear and tear. 4140 steel machined parts manufacture axles, crankshafts, gears, and steering components.

Manufacturing Industry: 4140 steel machined parts produce machines, tools, and other components such as bearings and bushings.

Defense Industry: 4140 steel machined parts are used to manufacture weapons, ammunition, and military vehicles.

Medical Equipment Industry: 4140 steel machined parts produce surgical instrumentation, orthopedic implants, and dental tools.

Our surface finish options for 4140 steel parts include polishing, plating, and post-processing treatments.

We can provide a variety of finishes, including mirrored, brushed, matte, and more. Plus, we offer plating options such as black oxide, zinc, and chrome for corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.

We will work with you to determine the best surface finish option to achieve your desired result.

For cutting tools and machining strategies for 4140 steel, we use a variety of high-speed steels, carbide tools, and other advanced materials depending on the hardness, toughness, and complexity of the part.

We can also apply various machining strategies, such as high-speed milling, drilling, tapping, and contouring, to meet your needs.

Properties of 4140 steel

4140 steel is known for its high tensile strength and toughness. This makes it an excellent material for high-strength and durability applications. This type of steel is heat treatable, which means it can be hardened and tempered to achieve specific strength and durability levels.

Its good machinability makes it easy to work with, enabling us to create intricate designs and shapes. It is not ideal for welding due to its lead content. It is often used for forging, responds very well to heat treatment, and can be annealed.

What is the difference between 4340 and 4140 machining?

The main difference between 4340 and 4140 steel machining is their carbon content and tensile strength.

4340 alloy steel has a higher carbon content and is alloyed with nickel, making it more ductile and stronger than 4140 steel. This makes 4340 steel ideal for parts that require high strength and toughness, such as gears and crankshafts.

However, 4340 steel is also more difficult to machine because of its higher carbon content and tendency to harden during machining, which can increase the tool wear and machining cost.

In contrast, 4140 steel is easier to machine and has lower nickel content and strength than 4340. Therefore, 4140 alloy steel is better suited for parts that require good machinabilities and moderate strength, such as support brackets, spindles, and shafts.

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Looking for a manufacturer of alloy 4140 steel parts?

In conclusion, our 4140 steel CNC machining service is perfect for customers requiring high-strength, heat-treatable, and durable parts to precise specifications. Our experienced professionals, advanced technology and equipment, competitive pricing, quality assurance, and tailored solutions make us the ideal choice for customers across various industries. Contact us today to discuss your 4140 steel machining needs.