Aluminum 7075 CNC Machining in China

Aluminum 7075, known for its strength and corrosion resistance, is a popular choice in CNC machining. Its lightweight nature and impressive durability make it a go-to material for high-performance parts in various industries. We provide expert aluminum 7075 CNC machining services in China. Precision milling & turning solutions for aluminum parts.

Why Choose Aluminum 7075 for CNC Machining?

Tensile breaking load

468 MPa

Modulus of elasticity

72 GPa

Elongation at break



2,81 g/cm³

Melting temperature



150 Brinell

Yield Strength

444 MPa

aluminum 7075 machined parts

Lightweight yet Durable

Aluminum 7075 stands out for its incredible weight-to-strength ratio. This high-strength aluminum offers durability without adding unnecessary weight, making it optimal for applications requiring strength and agility.

High Thermal Conductivity

One notable property of Aluminum 7075 is its high thermal conductivity. This ensures efficient heat dispersion, allowing components made from this material to perform consistently under varying temperature conditions.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

With its strong resistance against various environmental conditions, parts manufactured using our aluminum 7075 CNC machining services boast longevity and reliability.

Our Advanced CNC Techniques for Aluminum 7075

aluminum cnc milling

CNC Milling: Harnessing the capabilities of CNC milling, we carve out Aluminum 7075 components with utmost accuracy. Using multi-axis machines, we ensure complex geometries are tackled effortlessly. Whether it’s a flat, irregular, or even a free-form surface, our CNC milling processes guarantee parts that meet exact specifications.

CNC Turning: Turning Aluminum 7075 into high-quality components is an art. Our CNC turning services combine rapid rotation with precise cutting, crafting cylindrical parts to perfection. From basic tubes and shafts to more intricate shapes, we ensure uniformity and high-quality finishes, all while optimizing the inherent properties of Aluminum 7075.

Swiss Machining: Swiss machining produces intricate parts with unmatched precision. Our Swiss machines, calibrated explicitly for Aluminum 7075, work exceptionally efficiently, easily handling slender and elongated components. Our precision parts have impeccable finishes, ready for high-performance applications.

Common Applications and Industries for Aluminum 7075

Aerospace and Defense

Aluminum 7075 parts are pivotal in the aerospace and defense sectors. Aircraft components and military equipment benefit immensely from the lightweight and durable nature of Aluminum 7075.


In the automotive industry, performance is crucial. 7075 aluminum parts enhance vehicular efficiency and durability, ensuring a smoother ride and longevity.

Medical Instruments

The medical field requires equipment that’s both lightweight and strong. Our aluminum 7075 CNC machining services cater to these requirements, producing durable medical instruments that professionals can rely on.

Customization and Post-Processing Options

Surface Finishing for 7075 Machined Parts

From anodizing to powder coating and polishing, our post-processing options ensure your components function optimally and look the part.

Tight Tolerance Capabilities

Using aluminum 7075 CNC machining, we ensure parts that fit exact specifications. Our advanced machinery and techniques allow for components that seamlessly fit into your projects.

Assembly and Secondary Operations

Beyond primary precision machining, we offer assembly and other secondary operations, ensuring that your components are ready for immediate use upon delivery.

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7075 aluminum CNC Machining FAQs

Typically, our lead time varies based on the complexity of the project. However, our high-speed machining ensures efficient turnarounds to meet your deadlines.

Yes, Aluminum 7075 is suitable for anodizing, which can further enhance its corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.

Yes, our team of experts provides design consultation to optimize your projects for aluminum 7075 CNC machining, ensuring the best results.

7075 aluminum and 6061 aluminum are popular choices for various applications, but they have some notable differences. 7075 aluminum is stronger and more durable than 6061, making it ideal for high-stress applications such as aircraft structures and bicycle frames.

On the other hand, 6061 aluminum is more easily machined and has better corrosion resistance, which makes it suitable for a wide range of uses, such as furniture and automotive parts. Additionally, 7075 aluminum is more expensive and harder to source than 6061. Ultimately, choosing these two alloys depends on the project’s specific requirements.

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